TNBC's Core Activities



Project & Program Management


Project and Program Management are the cornerstones of our firm.


TNCBC Business & Consulting helps organizations or individuals to design, direct and manage the major aspects of their project i.e. scope, cost, timescales, quality, risks and benefits.


We know exactly how to improve productivity, foster efficiency, cutting cost, and increase growth. TNCBC Business & Consulting operates within the framework and principles of competence, effectiveness and transparency.


This explains why our staff undertake projects or programs with dedication, thoroughness and sense of purpose.


In all circumstances, we  monitor our own consultancy performance vis a vis the planned objectives of the project(s)/program(s) entrusted unto us. This underscores our dedication.


Regardless of the size of your project or program, each of our clients gets the best out of our working relationship.


Education & Training

Our aim is to foster enabling environment where people can learn, gain access to productive knowledge and train efficiently. To achieve this, TNCBC Business & Consulting will provide where's required, well-trained staff to conduct cutting edge educational sessions to learners/trainees.


Our company is committed to building learners/trainees capacities and skills in the fields such as project management, program management, policy, entrepreneurship, IT and innovation, teaching and evaluation.


Our approach is a blended approach for learning and knowledge dissemination. It includes face to face, in-house and e-learning.




Human Resources

At TNCBC Business & Consulting, we understand the importance of having well-trained personnel and relying on professional minded staff in an ambitious organization. To this aim, our company assist firms that seek our partnership to hiring new staff for their medium or long-term contracts.


We help to achieve maximum staff retention. We can work with your organization to keep your employees motivated and minimize conflicts.


From a strategic point of view, we'll design and facilitate processes and procedures that promote hybrid communication (bottom up and top bottom) within your firm.


From a consultancy point of view, our staff is able to conduct and manage your overall interview process. At the end of which only the best possible candidates/ applicants are selected by us. Your firm, will then hire only outstanding individuals for job positions.


More so, we'll work with you to get the best out of your newly hired or your existing workforce.


Business Management

  TNCBC Business & Consulting goes extra miles to raise your company's profile. This includes

designing the right strategy aimed at fostering your firm's growth. Making sure that the value added incentives to your business are verified and quantifiable.


This require us to work with you and /or your employees:

  1. to understand the dynamic within your organization; 
  2. to design the right solutions aimed at pulling all the resources (human, financial, natural and technological) in order to achieve success;
  3. to ensure that your organization's predefined objectives are met;
  4. to put in place procedures to minimize loses and other pitfalls that may arise.

Trade, Import-Export

Entrepreneurship is at the heart of TNBC's Business & Consulting action.


We believe inherently to trade. It has the capacity to create wealth and growth.


We're opened to genuine opportunities consisting of representing your business interests in the field of import-export.


We are opened to trade in commodities, innovative technologies and manufacturing.


TNCBC Business & Consulting believes in the values of fair trade.


We provide business advice based on your requirements.


We are also specialized in market research. It includes conducting detailed outlook on your market segment; providing expert analysis on specifics such as export/import legislation, trade requirements, doing business country's attitude, explaining the short medium and long term politics on trade.


Upon request, our firm can be the representative of your business interests in the United Kingdom and other parts of the European Union.


E-commerce & Marketing


 TNCBC Business & Consulting  is committed to manage the marketing process of goods or services that our partner(s) or us would like to promote.


We believe in the power of e-commerce and internet marketing in broadening our growth strategy.


Als we belieholding events, seminars, conferences, talk shows, fairs as part of our marketing strategy.


We are constantly seeking the better approach to reaching our audience and potential costumers.  Branding stands out as one of the key strategy to this effect.


When deemed necessary, TNCBC Business & Consulting may engage with selected manufacturers in some niche industries to come up with new goods or products.


Contracting & Sub-Contracting

We understand the challenges that come with the operational management of a business.


TNCBC Business & Consulting can help you to taking care of the issues that matter the most in any company. These issues range from hygiene, health and safety or even risk assessment.


We'll be pleased to discuss with you in order to understand your requirements and provide the adequate level of services needed.


Our company will provide the above services either as a contractor or sub-contractor.



Technology & Innovations

TNCBC Business & Consulting seeks to contribute to the current value propositions through new technologies and trendy innovations. More information will be provided towards 3Q 2018.